4th Symposium on Occupational Safety and Health Proceedings Book


Olívia Pinho (coord.), Universidade do Porto; J. Santos Baptista (coord.), Universidade do Porto; Denisse Bustos (coord.), Universidade do Porto; Felicidade Niquice (coord.), Universidade do Porto; Jacqueline Castelo Branco (coord.), Universidade do Porto; Joana Duarte (coord.), Universidade do Porto; Maria Fernandes (coord.), Universidade do Porto; Raquel Martins (coord.), Universidade do Porto; Soraya Vasconcelos (coord.), Universidade do Porto; Tatiana Teixeira (coord.), Universidade do Porto


The 4th Occupational Safety and Health Proceedings Book is a collection of the most recent works in the field of occupational safety and health. The included works are focused on the specific topics: occupational health, ergonomics, occupational safety and hygiene, occupational psychosociology. The short papers included in this publication are a selection of contributions to the 4th Doctoral Congress in Engineering (DCE21). All the included works were revised by at least 2 of the 25 members of the international scientific committee.


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28 June 2021


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