Digital Transformation of Health and Safety in Construction (CIBW099W123): Book of Proceedings


Fidelis Emuze
Central University of Technology, Free State
Fred Sherratt
University of Colorado
Alfredo Soeiro
Universidade do Porto


Segurança, Construção, Saúde, Industrial, Materiais


These proceedings derive from a conference dedicated to Health and Safety in Construction. It was organized jointly by the University of Porto and the CIB working groups W099 and W123. This initiative of CIB occurs generally every two years. There were 81 registered participants and 57 accepted papers with authors from 21 countries. The topic was devoted to the emergent changes in Construction motivated by the digital transformations of processes, of tools and of methods. The topics considered for the conference were Hazardous Materials and Health, Covid-19 and Better Health and Safety in Construction, Safety in Design / Prevention through Design, – Construction Industry Safety, Health, and Wellbeing Challenges, Fatigue and thermal comfort, Construction Site Risks and Management Practices, Inclusive Construction Sites in Actual Working, Construction Industry Health and Safety Issues in Developing Countries, ILO/UN declaration “A Safe and Healthy Work Environment is now a Fundamental Principle and Right at Work”, Construction Case Studies of Effective Use of Digital Tools to Improve H&S and AR/VR in Preventing Accidents and in Improving Health on Construction Sites. The organizers of the event are considered rewarded if at least one life of a construction worker is spared and wellbeing of construction workers is improved.

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21 June 2023


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