15th Doctoral Symposium in Informatics Engineering (DSIE'20): Proceedings


António Augusto de Sousa (coord.)
Universidade do Porto
Carlos Soares (coord.)
Universidade do Porto


DSIE-Doctoral Symposium in Informatics Engineering, now in its 15th Edition, is an opportunity for the PhD students of ProDEI (Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering of FEUP) to show up and prove they are ready for starting their respective thesis work. The complete DSIE’20 meeting lasts one day and a half and includes one invited talk by an academic researcher, Professor Alípio Jorge, from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto. Professors responsible for ProDEI program’s current edition are proud to participate in DSIE’20 meeting and would like to acknowledge all the students who have been deeply involved in the success of this event. Hopefully, this involvement contributes to their better understanding of the themes addressed during the MSR course, the best scientific research methods and the good practices for writing scientific papers and conveying novel ideas.



11 February 2020


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