10th Doctoral Symposium in Informatics Engineering (DSIE'15) : Proceedings


A. Augusto Sousa (coord.)
Universidade do Porto
Eugénio Oliveira (coord.)
Universidade do Porto


2015 Doctoral Symposium in Informatics Engineering - DSIE’15 consubstantiates the 10th edition of a scientific meeting mainly organized by PhD students of the FEUP Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering (PRODEI). DSIE meetings have been held since the scholar year 2005/06 and the main goal has always been to provide a forum for discussion on, and demonstration of, the practical application of a variety of scientific research issues, particularly in the context of information technology, computer science and computer engineering. DSIE symposium comes out as a natural conclusion of mandatory ProDEI course called “Methodologies for Scientific Research” (MSR) leading to a formal evaluation of the students learned competencies.

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29 January 2015


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