6th Doctoral Symposium in Informatics Engineering (DSIE'11) : Proceedings


A. Augusto Sousa (coord.)
Universidade do Porto
Eugénio Oliveira (coord.)
Universidade do Porto


2011 Doctoral Symposium in Informatics Engineering - DSIE'11 is an event representing the 6th edition of a scientific meeting organized by PhD students of the FEUP Doctoral Program in Informatics Engineering (ProDEI). These kind of meetings have been held since the school year 2005/06 and their main objective has always been to provide a forum for discussion on, and demonstration of, the practical application of scientific research issues, particularly in the context of information technology, computer engineering and computer science. DSIE symposium comes out as a natural conclusion of a mandatory ProDEI course called Methodologies for Scientific Research (MSR) leading to a formal evaluation of the student acquired competencies.

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27 January 2011


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